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Basic Properties and Applications of Copper Clad Steel Wire


Copper Clad Steel Wire (CCS Wire) is a composite electrically conductive material that combines the properties of both copper and steel, with a variety of excellent properties and a wide range of applications.


1. Performance and characteristics

The main properties and characteristics of CCS Wire include:

High Strength: The core of copper clad steel round wire is a high strength steel wire, which gives it excellent tensile strength and durability. Compared with pure copper wire, it is more able to withstand stretching and pressure, and is less likely to deform or break, making it suitable for long-distance power transmission and communication.


GOOD ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY: The surface of copper clad steel round wire is covered with a layer of copper, which is an excellent conductor of electricity and can provide good electrical conductivity. This enables copper clad steel round wire to efficiently transfer current in electrical transmission, reducing resistance and energy loss.


Corrosion resistance: The outer layer of copper provides good corrosion resistance, enabling copper clad steel wire to resist oxidation and chemical corrosion in the atmosphere and maintain long-term stable performance.


Economical: Compared to pure copper wire, copper clad round wire is cheaper to produce, yet still offers conductive properties close to those of pure copper wire. This makes it more competitive and economical for large-scale projects.


2. Areas of application

Copper coated steel round wire is widely used in the following main areas:

Power transmission: for the manufacture of power cables, especially for long-distance high-voltage transmission lines. Copper-coated steel round wire can withstand high tension and ensure the stability and reliability of power transmission.


Communication: It is widely used in communication cables, including electrical grounding and support conductors for telephone lines and fibre optic cables. It provides stab.