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What Is Copper-Clad Steel Anti-Corrosion Grounding Body?


Because the resistivity of copper is much smaller than that of iron, and its corrosion resistance is better than that of iron, with the rapid development of copper mining and manufacturing in recent years, copper has become a very common metal material, and copper is used to make grounding devices than iron. It has more advantages. The vertical grounding body adopts copper rods or copper tubes; the horizontal grounding body and its connection parts use copper welding rods or small copper rods; the connection parts are all made of copper welding, and the effect is quite good, which can make the grounding resistance very small, and more stable and reliable. Its service life is much longer than that of iron materials.


A lot of theoretical analysis and practice have shown that an excellent grounding device—copper-clad steel anti-corrosion grounding body is widely used at present.


What Is Copper-Clad Steel Anti-Corrosion Grounding Body?


This is a vertical grounding body mainly made of copper-steel composite materials. It fully combines the advantages of low resistivity of copper, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength of steel to make it ideal. grounding device.


In addition, in consideration of not damaging the thread of the brass screw sleeve, connecting bolt and terminal lug during the process of driving into hard soil, a whole body structure is adopted, that is, although they are threaded, after tightening, the end face are in close contact with each other. Therefore, during the process of vertically driving the grounding body, the axial impact force of the connecting part is mainly borne by the end face, which ensures convenient and reliable construction. Of course, copper welding rods can also be directly used for various connections, which is more reliable and stable.