Zinc Clad Steel Ground Electrode/Zinc Clad Steel Rod

Material: Outer Zinc, Middle Carbon Steel
Purpose: Zinc-clad steel grounding electrode is a new type of grounding product developed according to the market demand of petrochemical systems. It uses special steel and special zinc as raw materials and forms a bimetallic composite material through a special process.

Product Description

Product Introduction

It is a bimetallic composite material formed by combining high-purity zinc on the surface of mild steel through a special process. This product combines zinc strip anode and transmission

The advantages of the galvanized steel grounding material not only have the high strength and high thermal stability of steel, but also have the function of cathodic protection.


Key performance indicators

1. The DC resistivity is ≤0.110.mm/m before and after the short-time withstand current test.

2. After the short-term withstand current test of 10KA/1s, the surface of the product has no visible damage and deformation, and the zinc layer does not fall off.


Product advantages

1. The zinc-clad steel-clad composite grounding electrode uses low-carbon steel as the steel core, which has the high strength and thermal stability of steel to ensure the grounding discharge function.

2. As a cladding metal, zinc has 2.5 times the conductivity of steel, and its conductivity is better.

3. Zinc, as a cladding metal, has strong corrosion resistance and greatly prolongs the service life.

4. Due to a certain thickness of zinc layer (more than 3mm), it can be used as a sacrificial anode body to protect the ground grid, underground metal structures and related steel

equipment, etc.


Zinc clad steel features

1. The manufacturing process is unique: the pure zinc (0# zinc) is compounded on low carbon steel by the "horizontal continuous casting" process to form a bimetallic composite conductor.

2. Better anti-corrosion characteristics: strong corrosion resistance, service life up to 50 years. Using the most advanced technology in the world, there is no residue in the body of the zinc-clad steel rod.

There will be no electrochemical corrosion, and the surface of the rod body has been treated with anti-corrosion, so as to serve the service life caused by the corrosion of the grounding of the traditional flat steel and round steel

The problem of short-livedness.

3. Better electrical performance: the surface layer is 0# zinc, the thickness of the zinc layer is greater than 3mm, the zinc layer will not be damaged, the conductivity is good, and the electrical performance is stable.

4. Convenient construction: the zinc-clad steel grounding electrode is made of low-carbon steel with a large cross-section, which ensures the mechanical strength, thermal stability and conductivity of the product.

5. Due to the sufficiently thick zinc layer, it has a positive effect on the cathodic protection of the equipment, and solves the two problems of cathodic protection and grounding at the same time.Thus the engineering cost is greatly reduced.


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