Lightning Protection Test Link

Lightning Protection Test Link is a key tool for evaluating and validating protection systems, helping to ensure the safety and stability of buildings, equipment and systems in lightning environments.

Product Description

Lightning Protection Test Link usually refers to Lightning Protection Test Link, which is a device or link used to test and verify lightning protection systems. Its main function is to simulate lightning strikes to test the effectiveness of the protection system.


1. Product introduction of Lightning Protection Test Link

A lightning protection test link is a device used to simulate lightning strikes, usually consisting of electronic components, to evaluate whether a building, equipment or system is effectively protected against damage from lightning strikes. These test links simulate lightning voltages and currents and can be tested in a laboratory or field environment.


2. Product parameters of Lightning Protection Test Link

Material: galvanized


Model Number: Grounding Accessories


Usage: for ground test


Anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-dust, good heat dissipation.


3. Product features of Lightning Protection Test Link

1). Simulate real lightning strikes: The test link can simulate the voltage and current of lightning strikes, providing a reliable test environment.


2). Used to evaluate protection systems: By simulating lightning strikes, the protective performance of buildings, electrical systems or equipment can be evaluated to ensure their safety in lightning environments.


3).Reliability and accuracy: These devices are designed to provide accurate, repeatable test results in order to evaluate and improve protective systems.


4. Product application of Lightning Protection Test Link

1). Building protection: After the lightning protection system of the building is installed, the lightning protection test link can be used to verify its effectiveness and ensure that the equipment and personnel inside the building are protected from lightning strikes.


2).Industrial equipment protection: For industrial equipment that needs to operate in harsh climate conditions, the lightning protection test link can be used to test its protection system to ensure the safety of the equipment in lightning environments.


3). Electrical system protection: The protection systems of power systems, communication facilities and other critical infrastructure can use this test link to verify their protection effects to ensure their operational safety.

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