Exothermic Flux

In grounding materials, in addition to producing vertical grounding bodies and horizontal grounding bodies, we also have exothermic flux and other products. Exothermic welding is a simple, high-efficiency, high-quality metal joining process. It uses the chemical reaction heat of metal compounds as a heat source, and works through superheated (reduced) molten metal, direct or indirect heating, and works in a special graphite mold. A welded joint with a certain shape and size that meets engineering requirements is formed in the cavity. At present, exothermic welding has generally replaced the previous mechanical connection method between metals.

Note: Our products are industrial supplies. Materials, processes, and specifications will affect the price and delivery time. Please contact us for details.

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  • Uses: Completely weld the same or different metals such as copper and copper, copper and steel, to achieve the real combination of molecules, so that the lightning protection grounding device becomes a permanent maintenance-free device.

  • Usage: Aluminothermic welding (also known as heat flux welding) is a method of using the superheated molten metal produced by the exothermic reaction between metal oxide and metal aluminum to heat the metal to achieve bonding.