Grounding Accessories

Our company not only produces grounding products, but also produces auxiliary accessories for grounding, including copper wire clips, equipotential bars, lightning protection brackets for grounding detection wells, and cross connectors. They do a good job of assisting with grounding.

Note: Our products are industrial supplies. Materials, processes, and specifications will affect the price and delivery time. Please contact us for details.

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  • The wire clamp is used to connect the bus down conductor to the outlet terminal of electrical equipment (such as transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, isolating switches, wall bushings, etc.). Nowadays, the outlet terminals of commonly used electrical equipment are copper and aluminum, and the lead-out wires are mostly aluminum stranded wires or steel-cored aluminum stranded wires. Therefore, the equipment clamps are divided into two types: copper equipment clamps and copper-aluminum transition equipment clamps. series.

  • "Junyao" series grounding busbars are all made of pure 99.9% pure copper and other low-resistance busbars, with 4-20 terminals added, and fully manual grounding installation, which is an excellent auxiliary material for machine rooms and equipment grounding.

  • The grounding detection well, referred to as the observation well, is a prefabricated object made of plastic or concrete for testing the performance of the grounding device. This product can be widely used in auxiliary projects for grounding facilities in various fields such as working grounding, protective grounding, anti-interference grounding, lightning protection grounding, and anti-static. It provides great convenience for real-time monitoring of grounding efficiency and testing of grounding effects.

  • Lightning belt bracket clip, Lightning belt, bracket clip, bracket card, support card, support code, lightning net bracket, lightning bracket, lightning wire bracket and so on. Lightning protection belt bracket clip introduction: The direct lightning protection of high-rise buildings emphasizes the basic principle of adhering to the use of exposed air-termination devices.

  • Used to connect fixed lightning protection grounding wires