Vertical Copper Ground Rod (Pole/Pile)

In grounding materials, we produce vertical grounding bodies and horizontal grounding bodies. Vertical ground bodies include steel rods, grounding electrodes, grounding tubes, etc. The surface materials can be divided into copper plating, zinc plating and tin plating. The thickness of the coating is greater than 3mm and will not be damaged. It has good electrical conductivity and strong corrosion resistance, which can greatly extend the service life. Our vertical grounding bodies are mainly used in substations, power towers, railways, airports, petrochemical enterprises, power plants, nuclear power plants, communication base stations and high-rise buildings. It can also be used in electrical transmission, military communications, signal transmission, broadcasting, television signal transmitting and receiving antenna feeders, etc.

Note: Our products are industrial supplies. Materials, processes, and specifications will affect the price and delivery time. Please contact us for details.

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