Copper Clad Steel Grounding Round Wire/Copper-Plated Steel Round Wire/Plated Round Steel

Material: Copper on the outside, carbon steel in the middle
Scope of application: The horizontal grounding body is suitable for high-demand working grounding, protective grounding, lightning protection grounding, and anti-static grounding in general environments and special environments such as humidity, saline, and acid, and soils that produce chemically corrosive media. The mechanical properties of electroplated copper-clad steel are even better, and the anti-corrosion properties of continuous-cast copper-clad steel are even better. For severe corrosion and low mechanical stress requirements (for example: horizontal grounding electrodes in extremely acidic environments), it is recommended to use continuous casting copper-clad steel grounding round wires, and use different types of grounding round wires according to specific conditions.

Product Description

Copper Clad Steel Grounding Round Wire

Main features

1. Composition: The center is a steel core, the outer layer is a high-purity copper layer, and the proportion of copper reaches 20-55%.

2. Mechanical and physical properties

(1) Tensile test: tensile strength >300MPa.

(2) Bending test: Copper-clad steel rod used for vertical ground electrode, tighten one end of the sample on the clamp or jaw

Use a force perpendicular to the sample at a distance 40 times the sample diameter from the fixture, bend it at 30° 40 times, and the copper layer will not

Cracks or peeling.

(3) After rolling the teeth of the rod, the outer surface of the tooth tips and roots will be covered with copper layers, without cracks or exposed steel.

(4) Current impulse test 200KA, 8/20us impulse current test, there is no obvious change in the sample.

(5) Corrosion resistance: Take a section of continuous-cast copper-clad steel and cut it longitudinally to expose the steel core, and bury it in the atmosphere or underground.

According to the test, the steel core showed corrosion after 365 days, but no corrosion was found at the joint between copper and steel.

Copper-Plated Steel Round Wire

Plated Round Steel

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