Zinc-Clad Steel Round Wire/Zinc Clad Steel/Galvanized Steel Round Bar

Material: outer copper, middle carbon steel
Purpose: Use ordinary angle steel, galvanized flat steel or building foundation steel bars as the grounding body. Due to the zinc layer with a certain thickness, it can be used as a sacrificial anode body to protect the ground grid, Underground metal structures and related steel equipment, etc.

Product Description

Product advantages:


a. The zinc-clad steel composite grounding electrode uses low-carbon steel as the steel core, which has the strength and thermal stability of steel, and ensures the grounding leakage function.

b. Zinc is used as cladding metal, its conductivity is 2.5 times that of steel, and its conductivity is better.

c. As a coating metal, zinc has strong corrosion resistance and greatly prolongs the service life. "

2. Our products can be customized in various specifications (diameter, length) according to customer requirements.

3. Original factory direct sales, reliable quality.


2.Product introduction

It is a bimetallic composite material formed by compounding high-purity zinc on the surface of low carbon steel through a special process. This product combines zinc strip anode and transmission.The advantages of traditional galvanized steel grounding materials include the high strength and thermal stability of steel, as well as the function of cathodic protection.



3.Specifications and models




Outer Diameter(mm)


Zinc-Coated Steel Grounding Round Wire




Zinc-Coated Steel Ground Electrode




Zinc-Coated Steel Ground Electrode




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