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Junyao Electric: Commitment to quality, customer service, and helping Nigerian customers succeed


In recent years, with the continuous development of the global economy and the frequent increase in trade exchanges, China's manufacturing industry has played an increasingly important role in the international market. As an enterprise specializing in the production of specialized components and systems for manufacturing protective structures and equipment, Junyao Electric has always focused on product quality and customer commitment, and has established a good reputation in the industry. Junyao Electric plays a vital role in manufacturing specialized components and systems that protect structures and equipment.


Factory introduction:


Junyao Electric was established in 2013 and specializes in the R&D, production and sales of electrical equipment. The company has advanced production equipment and a professional technical team, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality electrical products and excellent services. Our products cover many fields such as lightning rods, conductors, ground rods, connectors and surge protection devices, and are widely used in various fields such as construction, industry, and commerce. These factories adhere to strict quality control protocols to ensure that every product meets industry standards and customer requirements.


Junyao Electric prioritizes compliance with international standards and regulations. They ensure that their products comply with industry-specific standards, such as those set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and local building codes. By complying with these standards, Junyao Electric can ensure that its products are safe, reliable, and able to provide effective lightning protection and grounding.


Various application customization:

Lightning protection and grounding systems must be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each structure and installation. Junyao Electric recognizes the importance of customization and provides a range of solutions suitable for different applications. We work closely with engineers, architects and project managers to design and manufacture components that integrate seamlessly with each project's specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


Testing and Quality Assurance:

To ensure product reliability and effectiveness, Junyao Electric implements strict testing and quality assurance procedures. We have dedicated testing facilities equipped with specialized equipment to evaluate the performance of their components under simulated lightning conditions. By subjecting our products to rigorous testing, we validate our capabilities and give our customers confidence in the quality and reliability of their lightning protection and grounding systems.


Collaborations and Partnerships:

Junyao Electric often works closely with lightning protection system installers, contractors and consultants. These partnerships facilitate a comprehensive approach to project implementation. The joint effort ensures lightning protection and grounding systems are seamlessly integrated into the structure, providing a comprehensive solution that meets the highest safety standards.


Our daily work schedule:


At Junyao Electric, we focus on teamwork and efficient management. Our daily work includes production planning, equipment maintenance, quality inspection, customer communication, etc. We are always customer-oriented, constantly optimizing work processes, improving production efficiency and product quality.


When Nigerian customers place an order, we prepare for shipment:


Recently, a customer from Nigeria placed an order for a batch of cable products with us. After receiving the order, we immediately organize the production department and logistics team to prepare for shipment. We strictly follow customer requirements and delivery deadlines to ensure that orders can be delivered to customers on time.


Product production:


During the production process, we operate in strict accordance with the production plan and quality standards. Our production lines are equipped with advanced equipment and strict quality control systems to ensure that every product meets customer requirements and standards.


Product production


Production is completed and waiting for packaging:


After a period of production, the ordered products were finally completed. Our staff carefully inspects and packages the products to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation.


roduction is completed and waiting for packaging

roduction is completed and waiting for packaging


Packing is complete and ready for loading:


After the product packaging is completed, we arrange a professional logistics team to load the truck. They select appropriate vehicles and packaging methods based on order requirements and transportation methods to ensure safe transportation of products to the port.


Packing is complete and ready for loadingPacking is complete and ready for loadingPacking is complete and ready for loading


Loading diagram

Loading diagram


Complete loading and prepare for departure port:


Finally, after loading is complete, our cargo will depart from the local port and sail to Nigeria. We will closely track the transportation of goods and maintain timely communication with customers to ensure that orders reach customers smoothly.


Complete loading and prepare for departure port:


We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services to help customers succeed in market competition. We play a vital role in manufacturing components and systems that protect lives and assets from the destructive power of lightning strikes. Their expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, compliance with international standards, customization capabilities and commitment to testing and quality assurance ensure reliable and effective lightning protection and grounding solutions. We will continue to uphold the concept of quality first, continue to innovate and make progress, and create greater value for our customers.