Ion Bars(Ion Ground Electrode/Ion Earth Rod)

Material: high-purity copper or special steel
Use: The ion copper rod is used after adding a high-pressure air duct to make the static electricity removal distance of the ion copper rod longer, and can quickly remove foreign matter and dust on the surface of the object, which belongs to the industrial category. Suitable for automatic static elimination and dust removal devices. Requires high voltage generator for use

Product Description

Product Description


Ion bars, also known as ion ground electrodes or ion earth rods, are specialized grounding devices used in electrical grounding systems. They are designed to provide a low-impedance path for the dissipation of static electricity and the mitigation of electrical surges or transient voltages.

Ion bars are typically made of copper or a copper-clad material due to copper's excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. They are installed in the ground, usually deep within the earth, to establish a reliable connection with the earth's potential. The ion bar is connected to the grounding system of electrical equipment or structures, such as buildings, substations, or industrial machinery.

The primary purpose of ion bars is to prevent the buildup of static electricity and to protect sensitive electronic equipment from electrostatic discharge (ESD). Electrostatic charges can accumulate on objects and pose a risk of damaging electronic components or causing sparks that may ignite flammable materials. Ion bars help dissipate these charges by providing a controlled path for the flow of electrons into the ground, thereby reducing the potential for ESD events.

In addition to ESD protection, ion bars also play a role in grounding electrical systems to provide safety and stability. They help divert fault currents or transient voltages to the ground, protecting equipment and personnel from electrical hazards. Ion bars are commonly used in facilities where electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) are handled, such as manufacturing plants, laboratories, data centers, and cleanrooms.

It's worth noting that the specific design and installation of ion bars can vary depending on the application and local electrical codes. Factors such as soil resistivity, grounding requirements, and the level of electrical protection needed will influence the selection and installation of ion bars in a particular setting.

Overall, ion bars are essential components in grounding systems, providing a reliable pathway to dissipate static charges and protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


Principle and performance characteristics:


The electrode unit is made of high-purity copper or special steel, and the lead wire connected to the ground grid is 95mm² pure copper.

Stranded wire, JY The composite inner filler in the electrolytic ion grounding body has very good water absorption and permeability, and can be

The surrounding soil releases conductive ions and increases the ion concentration of the soil to achieve the best conductive state, and can be

The movement gradually expands the conductive range of the surrounding soil and further reduces the resistivity of the soil.


The electrode unit has the following advantages:


1. The medium inside the device can slowly release conductive ions to the surrounding soil, reducing the resistivity of the surrounding soil and grounding the electricity.

The resistance almost does not change with seasonal changes, with high stability and no need for daily maintenance.

2. The electrode unit is made of corrosion-resistant materials and has undergone special anti-corrosion treatment to ensure a longer service life.

3. The electrode unit uses low conductivity materials, which can effectively reduce the attack of direct lightning induced pulses.

4. It occupies less space, requires less construction work, saves materials, and facilitates inspection. It is mainly suitable for areas and buildings with high soil resistivity.





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